Faith is most certainly a journey rather than a destination and all along the way there will be new terrain for us to explore if we are going to move onward. 

Join Us This Sunday

We believe that worship is a place where God is present and makes himself known to us which, in turn, helps us to live with an even greater awareness and reverence for the presence of God in everyday life. Making worship a regular part of our lives helps us draw close to God and learn to deepen our dependance on the all sufficiency of God's grace.

Attend an Upcoming Event

Beyond Sunday worship there are all kinds of fellowship opportunities where we can grow together as a community and enrich our faith. Some events are all about having a great time together to foster a deepening sense of connection, others offer inspiration and encouragement to help us grow in our faith, but all are to help us to experience and grow in God's grace.

Find a Group

Group life is the foundation of our life together at La Grande Church of the Nazarene. We believe we are created for community and that life is better together. We have a variety of groups that meet where Christ-centered friendships are forged and spiritural growth takes place. Being relationally connected in a group provides us the encouragement & support we all need for every step along the journey of faith. 

Find a Place to Serve

One thing we discover as we grow in faith is that we are called to a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. Each of us have been created with unique gifts and graces and God wants us to put those to good use. Finding ways to serve others opens our hearts to reflect God's love and grow in Christlikeness. Our church has a variety of ministries where you can serve others and your gifts and graces can be put to use.


We believe that baptism is a means of grace signifying acceptance of the benefits of the atonement and incorperation into the Body of Christ. While baptism itself does not impart saving faith it remains an important step in the journey of faith. If you would like to consider being baptized or simply have further questions about baptism please fill out our Baptism Form.

Church Membership


If you have questions or are unsure what your next step should be we are here to help.