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La Grande Church Family,

We are pleased to share with you that our church plans to regather for in-person worship on Sunday, August 23rd. Below you will find information regarding the necessary restrictions and guidelines that will be in place to help ensure the safety of our gatherings. Please review these details as we will be asking everyone who gathers in person with us to abide by these for the safety and well-being of all that attend.

Our plans for regathering are as follows:

1. We will return to in-person worship with one service at 10:30am, but will likely need to transition to two services in the near future in order to maintain group size restrictions. For this reason we are asking that you RSVP with the church office in advance if you plan to attend in person. These reservations will be vital in helping us to make the transition to two services at the proper time so that we can have adequate space for everyone who would like to attend in person. You can RSVP in 3 ways: 1) a form will be available on our website, 2) you can call the church office at (541) 963-3402, or 3) you can email the church office at

2. As per the state mandate, masks are required indoors at all times for everyone ages 5 & older. Our pastor and worship team will only remove their masks for the portion of the service they are leading from the front in order that the service may be clearly heard and understood. We will have masks available for anyone who needs one.

3. 6 feet social distancing will need to be maintained between family groups. Only pews that are NOT taped off are available for seating. Please use the blue markings on the back of the available pews to measure adequate space between yourself and the person next to you not in your family group. We will also ask that you don’t congregate in the foyer so that social distancing may be maintained. We invite you to utilize the sanctuary, fellowship hall, or outside for extended conversations with one another.

4. Sunday School is not yet able to resume at this time. Because our classrooms are not able to accommodate for social distancing they will not be available for use. We will be working with our Sunday School leaders and church board to find alternative options as soon as possible.

5. There will be no separate children’s ministry or nursery on Sunday mornings at this time. Kids will remain with their families throughout the worship service. Our kids worship activity bags will be available at the Welcome Center.

6. The only refreshments we will be able to provide at this time will be prepackaged foods and water bottles. They will be made available at the Welcome Center. The water fountain will also be closed to help protect against the spread of germs.

Regathering is going to require some additional volunteers on Sunday mornings. If you would like to help serve in some capacity please contact the church office to let us know you are willing to serve. We look forward to being together again in person for worship. We give thanks to God for this opportunity and pray for continued wisdom and guidance as we take this next step forward. We also want those who are not yet ready to regather in person to know the live stream will continue to be available. We are thankful you will still be with us even though not yet in person. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the church office. We are here for you and want to hear from you!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kevin