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La Grande Nazarene Church Family,

As many of you are aware, yesterday the state of Oregon issued new group size restrictions in light of the coronavirus pandemic. For at least the next four weeks groups of 25 or more cannot meet with the recommendation that groups not exceed 10 people. Last night your pastor and church board met together to discuss the impact of these restrictions and the best ways we can continue to be the church in these challenging days.

Out of an abundance of caution for the most at-risk and vulnerable we are suspending all of our usual gatherings at the church through Sunday, April 5th.

We are closely monitoring this situation and will resume our usual gatherings as soon as we possibly can. We recognize that this decision errors on the side of caution, but we would much rather do that for a short time than see this pandemic linger on. In the meantime, please know that this does not mean that the church is closed. The church is, always has been, and always will be much more than only a building. WE ARE THE CHURCH and we now have the opportunity to live that out like never before. We truly do need each other! Please check in on each other as much as possible and also consider those in your neighborhoods who don’t have a church family. Their sense of isolation and fear may only be heightened in these days. This is a wonderful opportunity for the church to show God’s love and compassion not only to one another, but to a world in need.

Here are just a few ways your church is working to be here for you during this time:

● Digital Worship. Sunday worship is not canceled—it is just going digital! Each Sunday we will offer an entire worship service via livestream at 10:30am. We will broadcast on YouTube so that those who don’t use Facebook can still access the livestream. A link will be posted to our church Facebook page, our church website, and sent by e-mail so that it is easy to find and access. The video of the service will remain available on YouTube so that you can watch it after the fact if you not able to join us live. We are also making children’s ministry materials available to anyone who would like to have that for their kids. Simply contact the church office and we will send you the weekly lesson digitally. We are also working on ways to send out other bible study & devotional materials to help sustain us in the hope that we have even in these difficult times.

● Social Media, E-mail, Texts Messages, and Phone Calls. We will be utilizing every communication tool available to us to remain in contact. We don’t want anyone to slip between the cracks and feel isolated or alone during this time. If you are on Facebook please be sure to like the church’s page @LGCOTN so that our messages appear on your newsfeed. We are looking into setting up a conference call system where anyone can call to join in just to have ways to communicate with one another in groups. We are also setting up phone lists so that each of you should receive a couple of phone calls each week just to check in.

● Church Office IS Open. Our church office will remain open for you to reach out to if you have any needs, questions, or concerns. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 12:30pm and I am here most afternoons as well. Feel free to stop by! Please call first if outside set office hours. The church is also available to you as a place to come and pray if you’d like.

You are loved. Let’s be there for one another. We will get through this together. The grace and peace of Christ be yours in abundance.

Pastor Kevin